Jen gets married!

Jen meeting and greeting pre-reception

Jen swapped her ‘Bell’ for a ‘KP’ yesterday as she became Mrs Kemp-Potter. The weather – as you can see from the photograph – was fantastic.

Everything was fantastic but that’s Jen for you.

The house-band were long-time friends visiting from LA, The Webb Sisters, who sang during the singing of the Register. Accompanied by harp and guitar, Hattie and Charley sang ‘Stars’ and ‘The Goodnight Song’, putting the acoustics of the church (St Mary, Chiddingstone) to good effect. The speech by Jen’s Dad (the best ‘Dad-speech’ I’ve heard at any wedding on the ‘Aww-Sniff‘ rating) probably gave Hattie and Charley some inspiration and it can’t be long before we hear about ‘the path to the sky’. More about Hattie and Charley on MySpace.


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  1. oh…she looks amazing!! i’m so glad the weather was nice and it was a good day for her x x

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