The Freedom to Read, The Right to Know


You are not browsing this blog anonymously. I can see your IP address, where you’re blogging from, the web browser you’re using, even the resolution of your monitor and more besides because there are ways to get that information. There are also ways to stop you reading what you want.

Though this post does not appear to be book-related, I thought it worth flagging up for people – especially those in pariah states – that there is a useful piece of software from PeaceFire for people in ‘unfree’ countries where censorship is the norm based technology like Secure Computing’s SmartFilter such as Iran, China, USA and the UK.

The software essentially gives you a URL that you can take to another computer through which you can find the information you are looking for on those websites that are ‘blocked’. You may think this a typically leftie/ liberal idea but look on this page for the reasons why such counter-measures are important in retaining some (not even securing) freedom.

If you do use the Circumventor software, please remember to scrub the URLs you’ve visited from your browsing history. There are other technologies available but this is the simplest to use essentially because it doesn’t involve downloading software onto computers that aren’t your own. It’s also not illegal because you are not disabling any blocking filters.

Apologies that this post isn’t available in other languages but then you maybe thought that adding the US and UK to a list of pariah states was a throw-away joke.

Think again. At least the US has a constitution, well, little bits of what’s left of one.

Gordon Brown is still intent on launching an ID card scheme in the UK. His own new justice minister, and Chancellor, former MI5 boss Stella Remington, senior police officers (including a former head of Special Branch, now Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Met) and security experts from academia and industry have all said ID cards won’t stop crime or terrorism.

Click here to join in the protest at no2id. Alternatively, wait until the next election and vote strategically for any political party that isn’t Labour or Tory (no Mr Cameron, you actually need policy commitments to win elections).

And click here to see the government’s own self-contradictory line.

More about Peacefire.

An alternative service can be found at which is designed to notify you when new public access circumventing websites are created.