The Freedom to Write

An update on yesterday’s post…

Having struck Google off the list of websites I’m prepared to use some time ago for supporting the abuse of human rights in China, I’m now going to add Yahoo! A recent post from Boing!Boing! describes how Yahoo! have been caught lying about the information they have provided Chinese security agencies and how much was known at the time in the reporting of dissident Shi Tao.

It is common knowledge that Chinese authorities charge dissidents with “illegal provision of state secrets to foreign entities” so it’s not like Yahoo!s Hong Kong office didn’t know. See this link. Compounding the problem for Yahoo! was that after their involvement in sharing user information with the Beijing State Security Bureau was made public, Yahoo! General Counsel Michael Callahan told a U.S. Congressional hearing on February 15, 2006 that “…we had no information about the nature of the investigation.”

If you need to use a good search engine (including image search) that is neither Google or Yahoo!, try Snap which I’ve found provides results that more accurately reflect what I was looking for – without annoying adverts and privacy-invading cookies.