Kate Mosse, Sepulchre

Kate Mosse, Sepulchre

We recently hosted an author event with Kate Mosse, author of ‘Labyrinth’, which was voted Book of the Year 2006.  Apologies for not posting before but that’s because I had to get my hands on some pictures.  We were very very lucky to get Kate to come over from Chichester, especially in the week of her new book ‘Sepulchre‘ being launched and the publisher’s folks putting her through a heavy TV publicity push.

Kate Mosse

Being a good sport, Kate turned up with husband in tow, despite having a heavy cold and being refused entry on the door (see, that’s why you’re supposed to buy a ticket before the event – though if you’re the author, we get embarrassed and say the photograph doesn’t do you credit…).

We had a full house.  Whoo-hoo!  Considering that at the beginning of the year, we hadn’t hosted any author events in a long time, we’ve come quite a way.  Publishers will only pick up the phone for Wartstones and any other chain paying them big bucks for window displays, so Jen used her noggin and went round the houses, the golf club too and tracked down hubbies email.  It turned out that ‘Mister Kate Mosse’ had by chance remembered the bookshop and cafe from a recent visit to this end of West Sussex and so it was that we were only one of two bookshops to be granted a ‘yes’ from Kate.  Persistence pays off.

Kate had a good time and would like to thank everyone for coming.