Jonathan Lethem, Motherless Brooklyn

Motherless Brooklyn

I thought it worth dropping in a review for an older book simply because the book was so good.

The son of hippy parents, Jonathan Lethem grew up in Brooklyn before it was fashionable and the poorer folk were priced out. He knows Brooklyn and you can ‘hear’ it in the voice of his characters.

Lionel Essrog has Tourette’s Syndrome. He’s also a big guy who works as a private detective – he thinks – whose Fagan-like mentor is brutally murdered. Lionel, an orphan, feels this loss as keenly as a child and struggling with an incomprehensible world that pours through the outbursts he struggles with, he begins to search for the ‘who’ and the ‘why’.

By turns funny, poignant, sad and absolutely absorbing this book should be read by everyone. Link