The new job…

In a fun new version of what goes around, comes around… I find myself working for the very company who launched my love of books:

My love of great books began as a child with a curiosity for a fascinating book on my parent’s bookshelves: a special edition of Frank Herbert’s ‘Dune’. This beautifully made hardback has Bible-quality paper, contains the first three stories in the Dune series and has wonderful maps of the fantasy world of Arrakis. I read the novels over one long summer and I became hooked with reading. This book still sits pride-of-place on my parent’s shelves, just along from the dictionary my seven-year-old self needed to help me get through the novel.

I will be buying fiction books, making the choices about which books will be presented to members of the clubs among other things but I will definitely be avoiding the staff canteen. That was not ratatouille.