CS Richardson, The End of the Alphabet

Those who knew him described Ambrose Zephyr as a better man than some. Wanting a few minor adjustments, they would admit, but didn’t we all. His wife described him as the only man she had loved. Without adjustment.

Imagine you were given a month – at most – before some incurable illness claimed your life, what would you do?  In this beautifully composed novel, Ambrose Zephyr takes his wife, Zipper Ashkenazi, on a journey of unexpected delight between the letters A and Z and all the magical places in-between. Though a tale with a very terminal ending, there is little place for sadness as the 50 year old Ambrose and his wife rediscover a passion for life beyond the very average existence they have known.

If you’re ever stuck for a perfect gift for a loved one: read this book then share it then read it again.  Absolute perfection with not a word wasted.  This is a story that will open your eyes too.

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