Factually incorrect. Again.

Lothian question, Barnett Formula and blah blah blah

Again, a representative of the media based in London reports that Scottish MPs vote on matters pertaining to England.  No, no and again, no.  This is lazy, inaccurate and entirely in-line with what we expect of a reporter representing the under-siege Labour party.  The only ‘Scottish’ MPs who vote on matters relating only to England are those who belong to English parties: the Labour MPs, the LibDem MPs and the single ‘Scottish’ Tory MP.  The seven MPs at Westminster representing the SNP do not vote on matters relating only to England but do take part in matters relating to the so-called United Kingdom as they have been entitled to do since the Act of Union in 1707.  This quite obviously means that they will be voting on matters relating to both England and Scotland, a situation that ensures that English MPs also get to vote on matters relating to Scotland (at least in matters relating to taxation, the military and foreign affairs).

The inaccurate reporting of the ‘truth’ as reported by Labour supporters like Iain McWhirter is an indication of why the Labour government is failing in advance of a Tory recovery that is itself a nonsense lacking any substantial (and numerically accurate) policy.  David Cameron and his apostles do not have to tell the truth, simply ask whether Labour is being entirely honest and lo!  The Labour government lose another percent point in poll ratings.  We know Labour lie: we have to look no further than the gap between the promised end of child poverty and our own streets; the gap between a quality education and so-called ‘faith schools’.

Against such a dark background of repeated lies and un-truths, Alex Salmond’s boast that the SNP will gain 30 seats is not incredible and this is unfortunate.  This is a man who boasted in The Times that he will only employ among his staff people who think – and crucially, believe – like him.  When the majority of people in Scotland are either Catholic or atheist, will we be properly represented by our Scottish parliament next year or ruled by diktat of The Church of Scotland?

Yes, this is not a book-related article but as books are always written, published and sold within a wider civilised society, it seems the act of a responsible citizen to correct any untruths that are unfortunately being reported as fact.  How can the party of UK government put forward a credible argument for its continued existence when its supporters continue to peddle the sort of fiction that is doing most harm to its chances?  What Scotland, England and the UK as whole needs is a rational, fact-based argument based on the sound principle of what is going to be of most benefit to the people that live in the British Isles.  No man, after all, is an island alone…