Where are the book reviews?

In short, I will continue to post them here and on my other blog.

The reason for resurrecting a blog that had previously served as everything bookselling related (that I was personally interested in) is so that friends with links from other blogs can still point toward the book content.  Also, as my friends in England still look at this blog, I thought it would be a great place to answer those questions that folk outside Scotland may have about the independence referendum.  As is obvious to anyone who’s slightly informed about the debate, the BBC – the public broadcaster – is doing a very poor job of informing people in Scotland about developments.

While working in England, I was prompted by questions from work colleagues to research more about my own country.  The more I read, the more I despaired.  Why did I not know these things before?  On returning to Scotland – to be married, to come home, to take part – I’ve discovered that it’s not just me that knows so little about the true picture of Scotland.  Last week, I walked in on a colleague calling me ‘racist scum’ behind my back.  Embarrassed silence ensued.  Apparently, the desire for fully representative democracy is now ‘racist’, at least according to a Scot who has never lived outside Scotland.  For the record, two of my grandparents were English.  Not one but two ancestors were present at The Relief of Lucknow.  Also, Labour is not the only party to have an MSP from a non-white ethnic minority in The Scottish Parliament at HolyroodHumza Yousaf represents the SNP for Glasgow.

The idea that supporting Scottish independence is in any way racist will be the very first myth I’m going to lay to rest.

On this blog, I will not only continue to blog about Scotland but will continue to blog about books, my other passion.  I will also reblog items by others as I find things of interest.