The 2014 referendum is far from decided

That’s right.  You can still have your say on what happens to Scotland’s referendum on independence.  If you click this link, you will be taken to a page with links that contain information on the consultation document presented by the SNP to The Scottish Parliament and you can comment upon itAccording to STV, 5,000 people have commented on the document so far.

If you remember the reporting at the time, you will watched on the BBC as Labour MSPs screamed: ‘What’s the date?’ while waving the consultation document at The First Minister, Alex Salmond.  Funnily enough, there is a schedule of dates within the document that provides ample time for all parties – Unionist or otherwise – to hold consultations of their own.  Did I find out about this consultation from the BBC?

If you guessed, ‘no’, it’s because ‘Aunty’ has been a bit remiss in impartially reporting the story.  I found out about the consultation from a customer in the bookshop where I work part-time.  She used to be a Labour Party member but had just handed back her party card.  Why?  Well, she works in The Scottish Parliament and it transpires that since the 2007 Holyrood elections, Labour MSPs have refused – along with their LibDem and Tory colleagues – to attend any meetings on Scottish constitutional affairs.  This is odd because last I checked, The Scottish Parliament must still co-ordinate its business with the UK Parliament in London.

It was from this same customer that I also learned something else – and well before I saw it posted on pro-independence websites.  The STUC – the Scottish Trades Union Congress – not only backs the SNP’s aims for the referendum but goes further: why not ask three questions on the ballot paper?  Does it not seem odd to anyone at Labour Party headquarters in London that the unions are backing the nationalist position in Scotland contrary to what Labour Party leaders north and south of the border are saying?

Questions, questions… have your say before The Scottish Parliament further debates the referendum in 2013.