The mood of the nation

Council elections are in just a couple of days time across the UK.  Voters in England will no doubt be using their vote to comment – at least in part – on the coalition government at Westminster.  Voters in Scotland will effectively be doing the same.  Though we have our own government here in Scotland, many policy decisions that would best be taken in Edinburgh are in fact still taken by a foreign government with no mandate to govern here.

Not every voter is politically literate – though that situation does appear to be improving in Scotland – and could well tar the SNP administration in Edinburgh with the same brush that they would hope to tar the monarchical autocracy in London.  In such a situation, Labour should be able to make easy gains in Scotland – as easily as they hope in England?

While the British Propaganda Corporation makes hay about Donald Trump, the Leveson Inquiry and the Murdochs, Johann Lament – sorry, Lamont – wails across the chamber with minor complaints that have little to do with the lives of ordinary Scots.

Labour still doesn’t get it.  If recent polls show that the Labour strategy of moan, complain and moan some more is turning voters away, should the alternative strategy of deploying real world issues not have suggested itself as the subject of debate?

Scottish voters are known to vote for different parties depending on the election in which they are voting, choosing to support different parties in Westminster ‘elections’ than from those they support in Holyrood elections.  It is reasonable to assume then that Scots voters will be looking to comment on how well their local councils are providing services during a period of austerity imposed by a foreign government that reserves many policy decisions for which they have no mandate (there being more pandas in Scotland than Tory MPs, after all).

For its part, the SNP will be looking to consolidate recent electoral gains and seize control of Glasgow City Council from the numpties and make no mistake, the SNP is fuelled by serious intent as evidenced by their fielding even more candidates in these elections than at the last local elections – across Scotland.  Being able to seize the council of the largest city in Scotland will give the SNP the chance to prove to voters in Labour’s heartland that they better represent the interests of voters.

However you intend to vote, you may be left feeling that your interests will be overlooked in the months ahead.  You can, however, take part in a very different sort of poll being run by The University of Strathclyde.  It’s called The Mood of the Nation and takes just a couple of minutes.  The results will be announced on the Beeb (so if you are independence-minded, it’s an opportunity to give the unionist jobsworths at Aunty a good kick).