About me

My name is Andrew.  I was born in Ayrshire, Scotland.  I have lived and worked in both Scotland and England.

After university, I began work as a bookseller.  That was 1997, the same year that ‘Labour’ that got into power and began to do such a fantastic job (scrapping banking regulations turned out so well).  A couple of years later, Scotland got its parliament back only three hundred years, only now it was called an ‘assembly’, it had only limited powers and the voting system was designed in such a way that no party – especially not the SNP – could ever get a majority (another New Labour idea that worked out well).

Intrigued, friends in England asked me a whole load of questions that I didn’t then have the answers to which is how this blog, set-up to celebrate books, now also features items about Scotland.

For those Scots reading this blog who’ve never been to England, you should go.  England is a beautiful country.  For those English people who’ve never come to Scotland, well, come and see.  It turns out that for all our similarities and shared history, we are two different countries after all and that’s fantastic, especially for those who like a bit of variety.

I still do some bookselling but now living back in Scotland, only this time on the Fife coast, my time is occupied by my other passion: making stuff.  That, and shouting at the TV…