More great reading

On the day that Scotland’s First Minister announced he would not be attending the Open at Muirfield in protest at the golf club’s men-only policy (yes, readers of the  21st century, you read that correctly), it was no small pleasure to discover this blog – SF Mistress – completely by accident.

I’m looking forward to spending a good few hours reading about books in my favourite genre that don’t feature a current/ former assassin/ special forces/ master criminal dude out for revenge against a vastly superior/ evil/ nefarious enemy but instead are thoughtful, well-written, undiscovered literary treasures.  Did I mention that this is a blog dedicated to books by women?  That’s right, I didn’t need to because it doesn’t matter, you just want to discover books that may have escaped review elsewhere.

(And when I spell-check this blog, I realise that this is not only the only time I will probably ever write about golf but very likely the only time that Scotland’s leading politician will appear in a blog post about women writing science-fiction… weird)